about bildwechsel:

bildwechsel in berlin is part of the project bildwechsel. It is a selforganised, collective and non- profit coherence of agents. in berlin several people are sporadicly and autonomously acting; collecting work or organising events. we dont have an office at the moment, but we temporarily arrange (semi)public screenings and gatherings to hold parts of the videocollection accessible and within this in the public. this blog exists since 2008 and informs about ongoing events. if you would like to get in touch or pass your video to the collection, please get in contact with us:


bildwechsel is a an organisation for women*+ and in media, culture and art. it was initiated in 1979. based in hamburg bildwechsel acts as a platform and as an infrastructure which women*+ can tap into to support and develop their own work / projects / ideas, to find out about the work of others, make connections, develop new initiatives and build up archival collections that represent their work and that of other women*+.

bildwechsel aims to present a panoramic view of the work of women*+ artists, especially of those working over the last 30 years. there are ’agents’ in various cities in the world collecting materials for the archives, reporting on what they see, making connections, publicising the work of bildwechsel, and organising joint projects. the archives aim to be international in scope and dynamic in their content and the work of the agents is important in this respect. building on these connections with other artists and projects we often travel to other cities with the archive bus, putting on events, screenings, collecting materials for the archive.

bildwechsel is holding different archives (for example over 7.000 videos and films are archived at the video collection.) and offers space, presentations and a forum in general for women*+/media/culture for videos, films, fanzines, catalogues, music…. Bildwechsel has ‘homes’ in Glasgow, Basel, Hamburg, Nürnberg, Berlin, Warsaw…

*’bildwechsel berlin‘ decided to use the term women*+ to acknowledge bildwechsel’s herstory as a women’s, feminist’s and lesbian’s project on the one hand and its inclusiveness towards queers, trans*- and intersex-people on the other.

>> further information in english

>> have a look into the basis in hamburg

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