5. + 6.11.2011/ Berlin/ BILDWECHSEL und CINENOVA treffen sich auf der GLOBALE

*Cinenova and Bildwechsel Screening in Berlin, Globale Film Festival*
5 and 6 November, Cinema Moviemento


To develop a non-patriarchal perspective was a priority topic of feminist film after 1968. Media archives like bildwechsel (Hamburg) and film distributors like Cinenova (London) turned feminist theory into an image practice. Focussing on the image politics of labour and the body we want to discuss with activists from both institutions about the relationship between feminist movement, film and art.


*feminism still work to do?*
5 November, 18:15, Cinema Moviemento, Kottbusser Damm 22, 10967 Berlin

Ten videoworks by women+ artists on situations focusing topics of work/non-work, wage labor/unpaid labour and hints and tricks for a beautiful life. In favour of a definition of work beyond excessive labour and scarcity. we very much thank all artists for their contributions. Presented by bildwechsel.

bildwechsel is following the tradition of political d.i.y mediaprojects, housing two big archives. One of them is the video collection as an audiovisual archive offering a panoramic view of video and film work by women+ over the last 30 years. Over 7.000 videos/films are archived at bildwechsel.

die holde gefährtin (the trivial pursuit of happiness – self-experiment no 4)
barbara naegelin, ch 2006, 3’33“

twenty reasons to pay attention to emotions
mary patten/feel tank Chicago, usa 2004, 5’36“

the making of a demonstration
sandra schäfer, brd 2004, 10′, OmdtU

madeleine bernstorff, berlin 1998, 5’25“

the savings pouch
angela hans scheirl, gb 1993, 1’23“

durbahn*, brd 1985, Ausschnitt, 6’37“

perceptions and resistance
barcelona 2007, 3’09“

johnny forever, warschau 2008, 3’16“

sometimes you fight for the world, sometimes you fight for yourself
pauline boudry/renate lorenz, berlin 2004, 5′

im warenhaus
fränzi madörin, ch 2008, 6’25“


*»The Body Is the Locus of Politics, and of Rhythm«*
6 November, 15:30, Cinema Moviemento, Kottbusser Damm 22, 10967 Berlin 

Cinenova is a London-based volunteer-run organization dedicated to preserving and distributing the work of women and feminist film- and video makers.The programme represents Cinenova in its diversity and highlights certain aspects of feminism, racism, and post colonialism: A silent film by the female pioneer director Alice Guy Blaché on gender stereotypes, British filmmaker Sandra Lahire’s strong visual language reflecting society’s pressure on the female body, and a documentary by Prathiba Parmar addressing feminism, racism and solidarity between different radical civil rights movements in the US during the 1980s.

A House Divided

Alice Guy Blaché, 1913, 13′

Sandra Lahire, 1984, 15′

A Place of Rage
Pratibha Parmar, 1991, 54′



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