01.05.10/ 17:30h// Sound of-/ RAW CUT FILMFEST/ Kino Muranow/ Warsaw

Sound of –
More than 15 music- and sound-related Videos, produced over the last 25 years, presented by bildwechsel.

Music carries film in many ways. The videos we have chosen reinforce, play with, relate to, comment on (the) music.

This short film programme crosses genres, times and places: it is both a subjective selection of our favourites, as well as a selection that exemplifies the different techniques, themes and aesthetics of the times in which they were made.  A unique video programme from the bildwechsel video-archive.

* http://www.bildwechsel.org  – is a non profit organisation for women+/ media/ culture. Set up in 1979. it is an international archive and organizational model for women+ artists. The term women+ stand for a feminist projects which include trans*people and intersex persons, as well as people who belong to the queer movement. Besides a library, we host a video-collection with over 7000 titles, which were produced and collected during the last 30 years.

bildwechesl is also a community forum for action and produces connections, networks and common ground for artists and cultural workers. It needs your material support. It is a selforganised institution run by unpaid workers. It functions on the finance-it-yourself principal. If you are a filmmaker or videoartist, do not hesitate! Come to our show and bring us your work!


My heart the rock star
Nikki Forrest
Canada 2000 ; 1:45 min

Lesbians: the music video;
Laura Terruso
USA 2006, 4 min

Insult to Injury
Seb Cazes
France, 2001, 4:25min

Sing me spanish techno;
Michael Palmieri,
USA/ Canada 2006, 5 min

Me and mrs jones
Claudia Zoller
Berlin 1994, 5 min

Unknown gender: make me wet
Marion Kellner
USA, 1984, 5 min

Arantxa Martinez
2007, 4min

jesses maria – my dear be jesus
Lily Besilly, Stefanie Jordan
Hamburg/ Berlin 1993, 3:02 min

To go strange -fremdgehen
Doro Etzler
BRD, 1993, 6:02min

Sometimes you fight for the world, sometimes you fight for yourself
Pauline Boudry, Renate Lorenz
2004, 5min

Philipe Lonestar featuring Scream Club
USA, 2005, 3:50min

We become our own wolves
Jessica McCormack
Canada 2007, 4:24min

Lovely and nice
Mosh Mosh
2007, 2:45

ich und Frau Berger
(Me and Mrs Berger)
Heidi Kull
Germany, 1991, 4 min.
german text, with polish translation

Ich hab sie gesehen – Elfen, Zwerge und Feen
(I saw them – elfs, dwarfs and fairies)
Jim Ostrycharczyk
Hamburg 2002, 4:33 min
german text + signlanguage, with polish translation

Die Tempodrosslerin saust
(The speed-derater soughs)
Muda Mathis
Switzerland, 1989, 15 min
english, german & spanish text, with partly polish translation

The end
Disband (Barbara Kruger, Martha Wilson)
Performace – extract
USA, 1979, 2:19min

about 77min

…with many thanks to the contributing filmmaker and videoartists!


Sound of- video programme by Bildwechsel:
01.05.10, 17:30h

at RAW CUT FILMFEST (1.- 2.05.2010)
for more information:
click here!

at Kino Muranow
ul. Gen. Andersa 1
Warsaw, Poland


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