Permanent Conference of Artistic Resources/ 17th – 25th September/ Glasgow

17th – 25th September/ Glasgow
Permanent Conference of Artistic Resources/
(aka Europe Supports Artists) 

This will be the fourth meeting of the Permanent Conference (Hamburg in 2007, Warsaw beginning of 2008, Basel October 2008) and this year our theme is

Experiments In Living – (Artist) Communities.

1. Overview: The Permanent Conference of Artistic Resources
2. Experiments in Living: 17th – 25th September, Glasgow 2009


1. Overview: The Permanent Conference of Artistic Resources

The overriding theme of the Permanent Conference is: how we survive as artists, and how and what we can share with one another to make a difference to our situations individually and collectively.

Aims of the Permanent Conference:
The ‘permanent conference of artistic resources’ seeks to explore the following questions:
* what is the situation for (women) artists in different countries
* what is the situation for visiting (women) artists
* what are the different possibilities (women) artists can take advantage of in their countries/cities etc
* what support systems are there
* what kind of things can you invent to help you
* what is the ‚idea’ of a (woman) artist
* how do we survive as artists
One of the central themes of the project concerns different and alternative social and economic systems, and we propose to reflect some of these in the organisation of the project itself.

Three parts…
1. to get to know one another and to share what we know – through meetings, workshops, visits and exchanges, exploring the themes outlined above amongst ourselves and with other artists in our own communities, and on our travels.
2. to produce a booklet – „the (women) artists’ emergency tourism guide“: a special tourist guide: the booklet will describe what advantages (economic or otherwise) are available for women artists in each country e.g. if you make a scandal in poland you will become a well-known artist, if you live in Sweden for 5 years you can get financial support from the state, european artists can apply for social security money in the UK, in Bremen you can get „artist-money“ if you are registered there for three years.
3. to develop a website: to record and to build up our knowledge about each other’s situations, the situation of (women) artists in different countries, how easy it is for other women artists to visit / live / work in each country, what support there is, what alternatives exist, and also about the definitions and ideas of what it is to be an artist in those countries.


2. Experiments in Living
17th – 25th September, Glasgow 2009

This is the fourth meeting of the Permanent Conference and we will invite women from various artist-run groups and projects to join us to explore ideas around “experiments in living”.  The aim of the meeting is to come up with different responses, ideas, imaginings, utopias, and solutions   around the topic of organisational structures: what can we learn from one another and what can we learn together.

The meeting will be hosted by Fourwalls Women’s Housing Cooperative, 35 Carnarvon Street, Glasgow.  This will be the main base for the meeting and for some of the events.

Timetable so far:

17th September
7pm: film screening at Glasgow Museum of Modern Art.
Statement from Bildwechsel Glasgow on the censorship of work at Glasgow’s Museum of Modern Art: click: 

Friday 18th 

2pm – Meeting
“Not Fade Away” – performance, Mary Patten, FeelTank Chicago“.
** and Cafe *

Saturday 19th

Visit to the Caravan Residencies, Open Field

Sunday 20th

Visit to Trongate 103. 
2pm – 10pm Meeting
Cafe (bring and share) 

Monday 21st

Visit to Glasgow Women’s Library 2pm. 
5pm – 10pm Open
Cafe (eat what you find for free) with DIY Festival.
Films with Glasgow DIY Festival.
for detailed programm click: here!

Tuesday 22nd

2pm – 5pm Open
Short film programme at CCA
for detailed programm click: here! 

Wednesday 23rd

Open 2pm – 10pm.
6pm Qunst.mag exhibition opening
Qunst.mag is an e-zine created by members of Bildwechsel and the contributing artists ( The theme of the issue 4 will be ‘experiments in living’ and we have put a call out for work around realities, histories, utopias and imaginings, communities and groups, homes and buildings, networks and connections. The resulting magazine will be available online but will also form an exhibition in Fourwalls during the Permanent Conference.


The programme will also include:

Visits: to other artist-run projects / women artists working locally e.g. Caravan Residencies, Trongate 103, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow Women’s Library, individual women artists (to be confirmed)

Experiments with video (e.g. video interviews, explorations of the experiments in living theme, documention of the meeting);
Build it yourself! practical energy making workshop 
drawing and writing meetings

with other (women) artists – to network, build new structures, to archive work, discuss new projects, to make interviews around the main topic of the Permanent Conference i.e. how do we survive, what can we share.

Cafe Culture:
Transforming Fourwalls into an imagined bohemian space for meeting, eating, discussing, debating and showing work – the Permanent Conference will install itself throughout the building and use the space as an open public venue on evenings during the meeting dates.  Fourwalls tenants will be integrally involved in this transformation.  Exploring different economic structures will also be part of the production of these evenings e.g. each evening will take a different approach to producing food for others (bring and share, invite someone, get what you can for free)


Bildwechsel: and
Bildwechsel Glasgow:
Permanent Conference of Artistic Resources:


3. Bildwechsel

Bildwechsel was set up in 1979 as an umbrella organisation for women in media, culture and art.  Based in Hamburg it acts as a platform and as an infrastructure which women/ lesbian/ transgender/ queer artists, filmmakers, theorists, cultural activists etc can tap into to support and develop their own work, projects and ideas, to find out about the work of others, make connections, develop new initiatives and build up archival collections that represent their work and that of others.

Bildwechsel aims to present a panoramic view of the work of women artists, especially of those working over the last 30 years.

We have ’agents’ in various cities collecting materials for the archives, reporting on what they see, making connections, organising projects.  The archives aim to be international in scope and dynamic in their content and the work of the agents is important in this respect.  Building on these connections with other artists and projects we often travel to other cities with the Archive Bus, putting on events, screenings, collecting materials for the archive.

We are concerned with the concept of authorship and this interest informs the ways in which we work with artists, for example by providing a space where questions of authorship, being an artist, showing work etc can be explored and critiqued e.g. within Gallery Helga Broll (a project hosted by Bildwechsel in Hamburg and Kasko in Basel –

Some of our current projects:

– Developing new structures that can help us to fund our work – the spaces we need to house the archives, our umbrella organisation and some of our projects.

– Storing, digitising, copying and winding the videos to preserve them

– Presenting video programmes of the first generation (japan standard1, u matic)

– “Mediamovements” – looking at the ways that the contents, meanings, and contexts of media representations have changed e.g. “generation gap”, an interview and performance project with women performance artists from the first generation of performance artists who began their work in the 1970s and 80s; “still lives and living pictures”, a project looking at the relation between video and performance.

– Organising activities / projects with our agents in other countries / elsewhere in Germany

– “Europe supports artists” – currently at

Bildwechsel is always looking for new connections – for new agents to keep us in touch with what is happening in their cities / countries; for artists / filmmakers to send us information about their work; for women to work with us on projects and events in their own spaces / places or with us in ours.

You can get more information about us on our website at


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