30.11.08// Bildwechsel Short Films at KLIR SZYFT / U.F.A/ Warszawa

KLIR SZYFT! (that’s almost-polish for QUEER SHIFT!)

WarsawA queer, radical, anarchafeminist community building event. An open, friendly, safe space for folks of all sexualities, gender identities, shapes, sizes, ethnic and economic backgrounds. All are welcome to help build a creative and independent environment beyond the norm. The four-day schedule includes d.i.y. workshops, a zine fair, films, concerts, and drag shows!

FESTIVAL SCHEDULE:……http://klirszyft.wordpress.com

30. 11.08 , at UFA
Bildwechsel Berlin FILMPROGRAMM…

…About gangs, communties, daydreams, landscape and representation…

Just another ripp off
Vera Stiphout Simone Bennett
01:14, Netherlands, 2001
A parody on 70s gangster movies.
Amazing Graves
Burnout Films
UK, 13mins, 2005
Dandy Zombies and Rockabilly Werewolves battle through dance in the Glasgow necropolis!
Das Massiv
Tina Z’Rotz
Switzerland, 12min, 2006
Die Schauplätze sind in der Natur. Die Bande ist eine lose Sippe, die nichts erfüllen muss, aber in bestimmten Momenten zusammen reagiert und regeneriert. Die Zeit tropft. Eine feine Unstimmigkeit bricht immer wieder die üppige Schönheit der Bilder. Die präzise Tonspur führt in andere Welten. Der Wunsch, teilzuhaben, wird riesengross.
Armed and Ready
Kai Lossgott
South Africa, 2004
Symbols culled from the colonial alphabet of security fences subversively invade a young white man’s body without his awareness. Multiplying on his pale skin like a Victorian virus, they invoke the story of his middle-class illusions of power.
The video can also been seen in context of AIDS or of homosexuality.
Phines Slipped
Keri Oakie
USA 2003, 15 min.
What goes through the minds of a class of schoolboys during an English class? What if only a few of the schoolboys are really biological boys?
A queer avant-garde, gender- bending short.
Mirror Mirror
Zemirah Moffat
58 min
Centres on five individuals who perform at Club Wotever. The film explores the natures of looking, questioning and judging as they play with this utopian world of shifting genders and sexualities.
Elba Squat, ul. Elblaska 9/11 (www.elba.bzzz.net)
U.F.A., Marszalkowska 3/5, (www.u-f-a.pl)

Klir Szyft (cooperating: A-fe, Elba, Emancypunx, Milosc bez Granic, Bildwechsel, Nansze)


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