call for films: LaDIYfest Berlin 2008 // Deadline: 20th july

LaDIYfest Berlin 2008 

Liebe grrrlz, ladys, postladies, feminist trans* inters and queers of every

LADIYFEST Berlin 7. -10.08 (ex ladyfest) invites you to send your film- and
We are interested in diy, selforganised productions, films of collective
processes, semi professional,
amateur and so called professional stuff of every genre: documentaries,
fictions, performances, diaries, experimental adventures, radical music
videos, zombie films, porns, portraits, political essays and love
storys…wharever that means…

This years fest will stand unter the star:

We like to show pearls and visions of an emancipated and queer feminist
point of view with a
radical criticism on capitalism, patriarchart, homophobia, racism, sexism,
xenophobia and other contemporary dinosaurs.

We think humour is a good tool to stand up against the boxes we are put to
live in!

Deadline is 20.July!!!!
Send your Priview tape (dvds, vhs or mini dv) to:
10247 Berlin

for information please write to:

Looking forward to your submissions!
All the best from

LaDIYest is collaborating with Bildwechsel (Umbrella Organisaion for Women+/
Media/ Culture)
Bildwechsel is a selforganised platform for networking around artists,
feminists and queer activists. It has an international filmarchive of 7000
films and videos by international artists, wich is open to the public. From
to time Bildwechsel organises (with the acord of the filmmakers)
filmscreenings in Basel, Glasgow, Warsaw, Berlin, Nürnberg, Hamburg, …etc.
After LaDIYfest all preview tapes will be automatically forwarded to this
video archive
by us.
If you do not want that, you have to remark it on your preview tape!

laDIYfest Berlin 2008
laDIYfest berlin (myspace)


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